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Happy Easter lovelies!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day thus far! Yesterday I published my Easter 2018 Calm Before the Storm look using the Kylie Cosmetics NEW Calm Before the Storm palette with HEAT velvet liquid lipstick at!

You definitely need to read the article for more details, review, and more on this look.


Ok, this look was just so fun to do.

I’ve never done pastels before, so I was amazed to see how it turned out with the rest of my makeup.

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Read on, and Happy Easter!




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Hi my lovelies!

Since yesterday was my official WordPress anniversary, I thought what better way to celebrate it than to publish 2 new articles!


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I am so happy for my new website, new Instagram, and lovely readers.

Never forget, I love my fellow bloggers!





It’s launch day!

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Read away lovelies 💕

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I’m starting something absolutely amazing!

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m super happy to announce to my faithful readers that this month I will bring you my official website, shop, and blog via SquareSpace!

Before you get as hyped as I am (I’m actually supercalifragilisticexpialidocious thrilled!) you may have a few questions about me, and my upcoming site like…

What type of blog will it be?

Good question!

I’ve always wanted to do something completely different than most. I’m not like the rest (never have been), which makes life extra colorful. I will cover lifestyle, beauty, skincare, hair, fashion, travel, work, college, and so much more! Since my passion has always been writing, my articles will cover topics intended to be very useful, unique, and exciting to read!

Like nothing you’ve ever known before.

What is your goal audience?

Women, but men may find themselves entrapped into my writings.

A good article is a good article no matter your gender!

What will you sell?

Well if you’ve been following me for some time now, you know my official artwork will be up for grabs, along with some secret projects I’m planning. Shhh! Can’t spill all the beans too soon.

Will you still publish on WordPress?

I’m not one to forget those who’ve taken care of me from the beginning.

While I won’t be posting 99% of my content on here, I will have some special edition articles intricately curated on this WordPress site!

How is your puppy Brantley doing?

He is a sweet little angel and still eats lots of treats, steals my socks, and thinks he’s a bunny rabbit.

In fact… I will even have a section on my website dedicated to dogs! Woof woof🐾

He is just as pumped as I am about this new chapter in our lives!

I will provide you all with the link to my website when it is officially up and running!


Faith Wolff Kühn



Isn’t it about time women proudly alluded confidence?

I just know that I’m done with my insecurities and self-depreciation.

It’s time to begin this year with not only a new website, art, and plan, but an overflow of confidence.

I used to be a size 2/3, and now i’m few sizes more let’s just say.

The point is that I was confident and content with my body then, why should it waver even while i’m my size now?

It shouldn’t.

As a blogger who’s main goal is to impact lives in a positive way, it’s about time I truly live what I preach.

While I do want to fit back into my old clothes, i’m going to lose weight at my own pace, no rushing.

Why rush anyways!

You’re absolutely gorgeous whether you’re a size 0 or 30.

One thing I know, is that I worked hard for these curves.

Getting my education has always been top priority for me, and it requires long hours of studying. I also have a new puppy that needs tending to 24/7. Sometimes he isn’t feeling so well and just needs me to cheer him up! So in my day while i’m replying to an important e-mail i’ll be rubbing his belly until I get time to actually spend 1 on 1 time with no distractions. I’m a busy woman in my 20’s. It entails it’s blessings and curses, but either way I know that every little detail that is completed i’ve earned it through sacrifice.

So, go ahead and eat that delicious chocolate chip cookie. You deserve it, you’ve earned it.

Here’s a toast to all the hard working ladies out there no matter your situation or size.

You’re gorgeous, and that’s all that matters.


Kuhn Beauty

It’s time to talk about golden undertones and one of the best colors that flatter it: Terracotta.

Even those intricate shades in that picture really make my skin pop! Especially if you have hazel eyes like I have.

For those of you like me who have golden undertones, these are the best colors I recommend:

oranges, terra-cotta’s, Browns, greens, mahogany, mustard yellow, spice colors, black, earth tones, golds, green/grey, naturals, navy blues, and shimmers.

Colors I do not recommend:

Light pinks, light yellows, neons, light blues, and anything pastel because it dulls out your skin.

Here we go!

I used 3 colors from my 35 f Fall Into Nature Palette by Morphe

The bottom terra-cotta for the base, a strip of the middle shimmer terra-cotta for the crescent, and the top yellowish white for my inner eye/upper lid.

For my liner I used the always affordable ($9!) dark brown from Physicians Formula Eyeliner Trio Nude Eyes collection on the upper and lower eye.

Then for a luscious natural eye mascara I used Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black.

Oh! Did I mention what makes the best brows ever?…


It lasts all day, literally. My brows didn’t move a bit all day. It’s like it gave me Barbie brows… and it’s exactly what I’m going for.

They even hold onto my weird facial expressions without budging!

I look like I Botoxed my brows!!

Last but definitely not least, my favorite Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipstick in Ginger.

This looks especially exquisite with a matching terra-cotta dress and some cute nude or brown pumps.

Ohhh how I’m getting serious inspiration right now with this Victoria Beckham Terracotta Dense Rib Tank Fitted Dress anybody going to be so generous and give me $1,910 for it?? #whysopricy

Enough daydreaming.

Be hot and start showing the luxurious side of you in earth tones!




As I’m here in the dark on a full stomach from homemade stew and hot tea, but the only light around is coming from my flat screen TV. On it is none other than The Golden Girls.

What a wonderful time it was back then! The floral patterns, young Julio Iglesias (swoon)…

… (you’re welcome!), posh Southern attitude, and as a fellow Florida girl myself I do miss that Sunshine state.

-Throwback to when I was a little girl in Florida.-

One thing I’ve also noticed in the famous TV show is all the beautiful greenery around their house! Such home goals.

Apparently this article 7 Things We Loved About The Golden Girls House thought the same thing!

-My lily plant brings me happiness.-

I wish it was summer already! Every winter I tend to have dry hair and skin, but in the spring or summer I’m very hydrated.

Can all the ladies say Amen?

Before I forget to mention!

As a way of returning some Florida vibes, I purchased a gorgeous red Betta fish to keep my puppy Brantley company during the day.

It’s official I guess. One of my top goals this year is to incorporate some Florida into my home! Greenery, tropical vibes, natural elements, healthy Southern food, and fashionably modern decor will be my focus on improving my humble abode.